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See Your Impact

Our Mission

Educational Communities Worldwide unlocks the potential for under-resourced students to become impactful global leaders through access to holistic educational opportunities, resources, and community development.

Our Vision

A world where every student is empowered to drive change in their community through our globally accessible programs in education and leadership skills.

According to UNICEF, 69 million children in Africa alone are out of school due to poverty, child labour, social issues, lack of facilities and schools getting shut because of COVID-19.
How we are tackling education problems:
a. Scholarships - Giving bright students the chance to study.
b .Health Education - Teaching communities about healthy living.        
c. Financial Support - Helping single parents, rural schools and orphanages stay afloat.
d. School Supplies - Donating computers, books and stationery to rural schools and orphanages.

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