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Our Story

In 2016, Emmanuel Nyame and Lawrence Fianko founded Educational Communities Worldwide (EduCom in short) to educate and train young people in skills that increase their employability and prepare them for life in a global society.


With Emmanuel as its CEO, Lawrence as the Executive Director, and Dr Bonnie Green leading the board, EduCom headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana. The founders chose Ghana as our first base of operations.

EduCom enrolled students in programs such as Career Collective, Internship for Impact, How to be a Global Scholarship Initiative, and Educom Travel - an initiative that sent students to 10 countries with the goal of learning and returning to develop their communities. We also offered them free career coaching services, proposed a cash card to solve their student debt problems and placed them as interns within EduCom and with other companies.


In late 2020, EduCom’s organization chart underwent changes. Lawrence stepped up as CEO, with Christine Rose at the helm of a new board. The pandemic was in full swing, so we shifted the focus of our programs to the immediate needs of students and other vulnerable people.


We provide full-ride scholarships to college students, health education, financial support for single mothers, and donate books and stationery to schools and orphanages. We are a new organization still laying our roots, with plans to grow into a worldwide institution that people can trust to provide reliable support for students around the world.


Our Values

We never lose sight of the people we serve. We strive to keep our approach respectful of each student and rooted in integrity. Our programs follow ethical guidelines and are mindful of local culture. We work with locals to gain insight, assess and solve their issues, and seek regular feedback to increase the effectiveness of our help. Every person at Educational Communities Worldwide is committed to the vision of a world where education and employment are a certainty for everyone.

Our values guide our organization’s actions. They are rock solid, enduring and non-negotiable.

  • Collegiality - Everyone at EduCom works together to share responsibility, ideas and tools in a spirit of collaboration and candor.

  • Integrity - We hold ourselves to high ethical standards, respect the rule of law and behave honestly and openly.

  • Resourcefulness - We are problem solvers who think creatively, act boldly and learn from our mistakes.

  • Results - We are accountable for lasting, measurable impact.

Meet our President

Veronica Safoa Owusu

"Together, we shall contribute to the expansion of universal abundance by investing in our future leaders who will grow into enlightened individuals that impact their communities, countries and even the world".

Meet the Team

We are a small team on a big Mission.

In order for us as an organization to provide the best possible outcome — we focus on finding only the best of the best to work with us. These are individuals who define our culture, process and environment. We put an emphasis on working with only the smartest people who uphold our values and create new opportunities for our students and community members. We are driven, we are ambitious, and we are focused on building the best organization that we can so we can help as many people as we can.

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Board Members

Veronica Safoa Owusu


  • LinkedIn

Robert Gillio, MD

Chair, Programs Committee

  • LinkedIn

Godswill Mhlanga

Chair, Finance Committee

  • LinkedIn

Pradeep Nair

  • LinkedIn

Erik Moskavicz

  • LinkedIn

Elorm Tetteh 

Member, Programs Committee

  • LinkedIn

Piyal Hyder

  • LinkedIn

Member of the Program Committee


Wobayila Amos. Wesimika

  • LinkedIn

Akua Nyame-Mensah

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Staff Members



Lawrence Fianko

Co-founder & CEO

  • LinkedIn

Christine Rose, ACC

Grant Writer 

Christine served as President of the Board from 2020 to 2022.
  • LinkedIn

Joseph Hamelo

Chief Operating Officer

  • LinkedIn

Addison Konlan

Force for Health Coordinator 

  • LinkedIn
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Lucy Onovwa 

Strategist Assistant 

  • LinkedIn

Content Creator

Yaa Kesewaa Yeboah

  • LinkedIn

James Adongo

Graphic Designer 

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