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Use your Facebook account to set up a quick and easy fundraiser for any occasion

Step 1: to set up an EduCom.World fundraiser for your birthday, anniversary, school project, etc.

Step 2: Share and invite people to support you and EduCom.World.


Create your own fundraiser under an important project that supports Educational Communities Worldwide

Step 1: Go to and type in “Educational Communities Worldwide, Inc” where it asks what project you support.  Follow instructions on the page.

Step 2: Share and invite your friends, family, and contacts to support EduCom.World


Set up your own fundraising page that you use can use to raise funds for a cause (such as a school supply drive) or occasion (such as an Eagle Scout Project)

Step 1: Go to and click on start a campaign

Step 2: Share and invite your friends, family, and contacts to support EduCom.World

Why Fundraising Matters

After you set up a page, we recommend that you make the first donation. This shows commitment to your fundraiser.

  • Customize your page: When a friend, family member gets to your fundraising page, they should immediately know this is your page and why you are raising money. Be sure to personalize your pages with photos and why you are raising funds for Educational Communities Worldwide. This personal touch will help to make a connection with page visitors, increasing the likelihood of a donation.

  • Consider recording a video appeal – explaining why people should donate. Videos are powerful communication tools and appeal to everyone – giving your fundraiser an extra personal touch.

  • Add updates and photos regularly.  This helps increase the appeal of the page – answering any questions that people may have in their minds.

  • Thank your donors promptly. Be sure to check the page regularly and add comments etc. This helps motivate others to donate – when they see that their efforts will be recognized and acknowledged.

  • Send an email appeal to all your friends by email.

  • Post regularly about your fundraiser on social media. Facebook is one of the best sources of social media funding for peer-to-peer fundraising –  averaging just over 20% of gifts, followed by Twitter at 3%.

Tips For A Successful Fundraising Page

As with any charitable nonprofit, funds/resources are essential in doing good work in the world. And, no one can do it alone. Educational Communities Worldwide depends on everyday people to go “hands in” with us and help us to continue our good work. 

Support from our community either small or big is what enables us to help our students in need. That is why we encourage everyone to take an interest and turn it into action by helping Educational Communities Worldwide through fundraising events.


Raising funds is an excellent way to help make a difference. When you decide to raise funds, it multiplies your impact and increases how much you are making a difference. It also helps to motivate or encourage others into working with you. When community members work together for a common good, it strengthens the community and creates important bonds between community members.


Fundraising can be fun. And, we believe that many family, friends, and colleagues would be happy to support your efforts to raise funds. According to, 69% of Americans give charitably. 72% of all donations are made by individuals. You could also reach out to businesses or organizations in your community to support your efforts. Every effort is worth it, and those that we support will appreciate it.

Suggested Fundraising Events

Your fundraiser could be based on or around one of several events as follows:


  • Birthday – These fundraisers are increasingly effective on Facebook and easy to set up. For a birthday gift, you could alternatively ask your guests to make a donation to Educational Communities Worldwide. How to set up a birthday or anniversary fundraiser on Facebook.

  • 3K or 5K Walk / Run, marathon, bike race, or triathlon:  Fitness and exercise appeal to everyone.  Friends and family would be happy to support your cause as they realize you are investing time and effort to take part in this event.

  • Wedding or Wedding Anniversary: This would be a novel idea – instead of a gift registry – send guests to a fundraising page where they can support a cause that you are passionate about – such as college scholarships for brilliant but needy students in Ghana.

  • Stand Up Project / Capstone Project for your class or simply to support an important issue such as education see for example

  • Special event: This could be an annual fundraiser such as a Christmas, 4th of July or outdoor, garden or pool party, auction, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Children’s Day – where you invite guests and ask them to support Educational Communities Worldwide.

  • Baby photo competition: ask members/colleagues to bring in baby photos. People pay to guess who’s who – great fun for everyone, with small prizes for the winners.  Find out who looked the cutest

  • Product and Other Sales such as candy bars, online magazine sales, cookie dough etc. 

  • Babysitting, house-sitting and pet-sitting: offer to look after your friends’ kids, or feed pets/water the plants when they are away.

  • Place of worship collection/donation: ask your religious leader to request donations for Educational Communities Worldwide. 

  • Tea / Coffee / Bagel Morning: organize your friends and have a cake sale–ask a local coffee/doughnut shop to help.

  • Drinks for the day: offer to make all the tea and coffee at work and ask your colleagues to tip you.

  • Trivia Night fundraiser is a fun way to raise money

Why You Should Set Up a Fundraising Donation Page

For each of the above fundraising events, you could set up your own fundraising page or we can set one up on your behalf.


  • Not everyone might be there in person. This allows guests who live far away to support you as well.

  • Many people find it easier and prefer to donate online, as this creates an electronic receipt for them. Many people have stopped using checks so this is a great way to increase your donor pool.

  • A page shows progress. This motivates others to donate–when they see the donations of others.

Fundraising – Should I do this individually (alone) or as a team?

Working as a team will enable you to multiply your impact and raise more funds. Also, working as a team is a great motivator for each one to do more and keep engaged.  The team could be based on family members, school groups, co-workers, etc. You can choose to fundraise individually or to create/join teams to fundraise as a group. You can set up a fundraising page as an individual or you can do this as a team/group - with friends, family group or organization members or co-workers, etc.

Get Help With Fundraising

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We would love to support your fundraising efforts. Please send an email to our Chief Development Officer for direct assistance: 


Thank you for your continuous support!

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