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EduCom.World Picks Finalists To Receive Full-ride University Scholarship

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Educational Communities Worldwide has picked four applicants from Ghana as their 2021 college scholarship recipients. The recipients are:

1. Michael Naab– University for Development Studies, Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (MLSD). 

2. Fatimah Basiru- University for Development Studies, Bachelor of Physician Assistant.

3. Christabel Konadu Osei– University of Ghana, Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery.

4. Richard Owusu Asare– University of Cape Coast, Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery.

198 first year university students applied for the scholarship from all over Ghana. The applicants had to submit essays along with their West African Examination Council scores. The students’ situation and aspirations played a big role in their selection.

Richard Asare, a beneficiary of the scholarship, is the son of cocoa farmers in rural Ghana. The death of his father, the breadwinner of his family, blindsided his determination to become a military doctor. “I lost all hopes to move towards my aspirations, but for the timely intervening of EduCom.” He will now pursue his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Cape Coast. EduCom will pay his tuition and residence fees in full and present him with a laptop.

Tertiary education is a costly aspiration for most students in Ghana, compounded by the rural-urban divide and gender gap. Lawrence Fianko and Emmanuel Nyame founded EduCom.World to help deserving students, especially in rural areas, pursue a college education.

20-year-old Naab Micheal is one such industrious student. Since high school, he has volunteered with the St John ambulance club, while working as a minibus conductor to support his parents and pay his education fees. He is now studying for his Doctor of Medical Lab Science degree, aided by the scholarship.

EduCom’s Scholarship Program includes internship opportunities and professional development courses for grantees throughout their college career. Each recipient will pair with a mentor in the first year of their employment and also train to serve their community as mentors in the future.

The students are ready to give back to the community and become part of the change.

Basiru Fatimah promises to “continue to apply the same diligence to my collegiate studies as I have to this point, making education and service to others my top priority.”

Christabel Osei’s plans to open a center for young cancer and autism patients, with an added focus on their mental health. She is studying to become an oncologist and hopes to start a charity for autistic children.

For EduCom.World, college education in Ghana is just the beginning. EduCom.World  plan to help rural communities set up businesses and to benefit a larger number of students around the world, including in middle and high school. Because helping young people and training them to pay it forward in their communities is of primary importance.

Click here to support the scholarship program.

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