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Graceland Shelta Orphanage Ghana

On behalf of the board of directors, volunteer staff, CEO, and the children of Graceland Shelta Orphanage Ghana, please accept our heartfelt gratitude and sincerest appreciation for your generous donations.

Because of your generosity, we exceeded our expectations and currently completing borehole for the orphans at Graceland.

It is through the generosity of individuals like you that we can carry out our work. Because of your investment in this project the children at Graceland can now focus on their education without worrying about fetching water.

We will send you an update on the impact you have made and hopefully show you some great photos to share! I hope you enjoy learning about our work and continue to stay engaged with our team. Educational Communities Worldwide (EduCom.World) remains dedicated to its core mandate of promoting quality education in Africa and beyond.

Veronica Safoa Owusu, thank you for taking the lead on this project!

Visit: to support our mission.

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