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Meet Board Member Elorm Tetteh- Member of the Program & Fund Development Committee

Updated: Aug 26, 2022


Studied: BA Sociology and Social work, KNUST,  MBA, University of Ghana,  Masters of Advanced Management, Yale School of Management             

Works as: Global Account Representative US2MENA, Amazon

At EduCom: Member of the Program & Fund Development Committee

Social work often concerns itself with the immediate needs of a community. By neglecting the deeper cultural and societal causes of issues and void of a vision tailor-made for the region they serve, such social work fails to effect lasting change. Elorm Tetteh possesses that rare and essential blend of informed and perceptive insights into problems, and delivering pragmatic and farsighted solutions. This articulate and erudite board member’s contributions have shaped EduCom’s programs in Ghana.


If education, Elorm shares, stimulates curiosity in students about the world around them and teaches them to solve the problems they observe, and organizations like EduCom support them to build their solutions, we will have nurtured a competent generation of thinkers and builders.

To bring this into effect, EduCom has begun offering scholarships. Elorm provides discerning criteria for screening brilliant students who have overcome extraordinary circumstances. A plan is in the works to partner with incubators to provide such spirited candidates a safe place to ideate, network and execute their ventures under the guidance of mentors. 

Elorm knows, if given the right stimulus and support, young adults’ ideas and ventures will disrupt the status quo, and create more activity in local economies, while solving the gaps. They will mentor future entrepreneurs and be role models for younger students to look beyond office-work.

Elorm urges students to develop a lively curiosity about the world beyond their neighborhoods, to mix with people beyond their peer group and to keep defying their comfort zone with active risks.


Though he was well-settled in Ghana, Elorm challenged himself by moving to the States. He levelled with the cultural differences and stereotyping with study and reflection backed by a determination to achieve. He works in business development in Amazon, helping American companies expand into the Middle East market.

Elorm also serves as an advisory for Chale Foundation, which provides healthcare and education to orphans in Ghana. It never ceases to amaze him how just a few hours of the EduCom board members’ involvement each month has transformed the lives of not only four students but their communities as well.

Interview Conducted by: Hajra Mirza

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