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Meet Our Marketing Committee Chair- Edward Asare

Updated: Aug 26, 2022


Studied: BA Economics with Information Systems, University of Ghana

Works as: Digital Marketer, UBA Ghana

At Educom: Marketing Committee Chair


Edward was bit by the digital marketing bug when he interned at TV3 Ghana as their social media manager. Though he had to quit the job to fulfill his national service, he continued to explore the field and slowly built up his portfolio. In time, companies started recognizing his work, and he became in demand.

Edward now works as a digital marketer at UBA and also freelances for companies and individuals on the side. He lectures part-time at Step-up Business School about digital marketing tools. He is also a professional blogger, copywriter and graphic designer. 

Edward listens to podcasts, reads heavily, and monitors the latest developments in social media to keep himself abreast of the high-speed online world. This gives him a read on the trends to predict the direction technology is taking. He is well-recognized in his field—he has won the Digital Media Influence award and received nominations of Youth Blogger of the Year and Digital Marketer of the Year in 2020.

His work attracted the attention of Lawrence Fianko, CEO of EduCom, who thought Edward and his work would be an excellent asset to the organization. Edward joined EduCom’s board and was appointed as the Chair of Marketing Committee. He publicizes the organization and creates an awareness of the work EduCom does by publishing articles in news platforms and sending them out to news portals. He also spreads the word about EduCom’s scholarship schemes to reach out to applicants. “It is a noble work worth spending my time on.”

The library in his hometown did not have a single book. At his disclosure, EduCom donated books to the library and they plan to replicate this scheme throughout the country. “Reading empowers the underprivileged who have no shot at education to lead a better life.”

Edward’s school friends acknowledged him to be a brilliant student, and Edward himself thought he would land a stable job once he finished university. But when facing a drought of 2 years, he realized how most graduates, including himself, lack the skills to join the workplace immediately. He had to go back to his family farm when he didn’t find work in Accra, but “my hunger to be someone substantial pushed me to keep trying.”

He applied to and gave qualifying exams for the police service, military, teaching and accountancy. He regularly traveled 3 hours to the city to give interviews on the phone, as his hometown lacked connectivity. “I didn’t want to leave any opportunity, so I kept doing everything. He that is down, has no place to fall.”

“Worrying and fears make me want to do something,” which is Edward’s defining trait. He doesn’t recourse to planning, but lives by the mantra ‘Let’s do it.’ “Action brings results. We are judged by the results of what we finish, not what we start. Good things come to those who work towards them because what you are looking for, is looking for you too.”

Edward is blessed with an industrious and unbeatable energy and an insight into the human psyche. “Success is in the mind.

People who are ready to learn, take risks, learn again, get into the unknown and unsafe are the ones who will go far. People who can’t will fade away.” He thinks emotional intelligence is one skill every person should have, which is especially useful in marketing. “Learn the thought patterns of people to understand them and touch their emotional side.”

While continuing to work and teach about digital marketing, Edward intends to start his MBA in marketing this year and eventually earn the Chartered Marketer badge.

Interview Conducted by Hajra Mirza

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