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Overall, I was impressed and now I can’t wait for the next session.

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Betty Asare

The career collective program 2019 is an eight weeks career training program starting from 23rd February 2019 to 8th April 2019 for students and fresh graduates who are ready to take advantage of digital technology to solve societal challenge and better their career paths.

On 10th March 2019, was second class as at the Career Collective Program with EduCom World. As expected both Co-founders of EduCom World thus Lawrence Fianko and Emmanuel Nyame were present at the class.

The supervisor was Linda Dzifa Okpattah who introduced Sunny Su as the facilitator. He Started off with a description of what Design is about and its importance in digital transformation.

Making us understand that the following;

a. Designing starts with identifying areas for innovation and generating fresh ideas.

b. Design thinking is not about visual design rather it’s about user experience design.

c. Design thinking needs to be deployed by experienced hands to ensure that the user perspective is considered from the beginning.

d. Research, brainstorming and prototyping is key in design.

e. Human-centered approach should be encourage in designing.

f. Cross- functional approach should be taken into consideration.

g. Design driven leaders are not afraid of the future

h. Good design takes time

i. Design loves new challenges

Importance of design are;

a. Human centered not just customer centered

b. Great design is an Omni channel

c. Design helps transform big into human data

d. Design focuses on people

e. Concept testing and prototyping saves money and time

f. Good design is what brings customers and business together

g. Helps to differentiate companies

h. Helps employees to be more effective

i. It provides superior user experience

j. Having a design based approach from the beginning allows for greater diversity

k. It helps create better value for their end users

l. Help to enhance the quality of the message of the company

m. With good design you get what you pay for

n. It helps to keep up to date and speed up to match the pace of the change

All in all, both session were very impactful and would have qualified for an information overload day, if not for the break and refreshments. The facilitator was very practical, professional and approachable. Overall, I was impressed and now I can’t wait for the next session.

This article was written by Betty Asare a final year management student in Zenith University College and a member of EDUCOM Career Collective Program.

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