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Sponsor Juliet’s College Education in Ghana.


Juliet is a first-year student in the Doctor of Optometry program at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Her interest in vision science began with a fascination with eagles’ sharp eyesight, and the spectrum of beautiful shades in human eyes. 

Juliet aced through high school, and encouraged by her grandmother’s dream of her becoming a doctor, she worked for two years as a secretary in a school to pay her first year college fees. The heavy coursework and two hours spent daily to travel to and from school make it difficult for Juliet to work her way through her six-year degree. 

She is set on becoming a pediatric optometrist. Her education and compassionate nature will not only help heal children, but as a bright woman, her education will also bring advancement to society and future generations. 

Interview Conducted by Hajra Mirza

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