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Vivian Bruno, LCSW appointed as Chair of Development Committee.

We wish to congratulate Vivian Bruno, LCSW on her recent appointment as Chair of the Development Committee.

As the new chair of the development committee, Vivian will be responsible for ensuring effective board processes, structures and roles, including retreat planning, committee development, and board evaluation; sometimes includes role of nominating committee, such as keeping list of potential board members, orientation and training.

Vivian has been serving as Board Member for EduCom since Spring 2020. We are honored by her involvement and grateful for her commitment and support.


Vivian Bruno, LCSW is a social worker who has over thirty years of experience working with adolescents in out patient mental health as a psychiatric social worker, provided companies with employee mental health as a corporate social worker, presently addresses mental health issues as a school social worker and is in private practice in Port Jervis, New York.

Vivian has provided field instruction supervision for graduate and undergraduate social work students both in New York and Pennsylvania. Vivian is a graduate of St. John University with a BA in psychology.

She obtained the MSW from New York University as well as a Certificate in Clinical Social Work. She is currently working on obtaining a doctorate in education from Northeastern University focusing on teacher resiliency during crisis.

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