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Meet Pradeep Nair- Board Member & Member of the Programs Committee

Updated: Aug 26, 2022


Studied: Masters in Information Technology, Symbiosis Center for Information Technology

Works as: Vice President at Microsoft Azure

At EduCom: Board member and member of the Programs Committee

One of Pradeep’s most enriching assignments took place in Africa. As he made friends there, he appreciated how beautifully people lived amid their worries. He shared their dreams and aspirations. He also saw people risking their lives to help others and the cumulatively-positive impact when individuals, organizations, and corporations apply their resources to make meaningful change.

Today, he remains a diligent fundraiser and volunteer. Backed by Microsoft’s annual Giving Campaign, Pradeep held poker tournaments that collected $88,000 and a ‘Team Has Talent’ event, which raised $100,000. He donated the funds to EduCom and other charities.

Microsoft’s Employee Giving program matches employees’ financial contributions, plus a $25 donation for each employee volunteer hour. Pradeep noted, “If I raise $100,000 for each of the next ten years through donations and volunteer hours, I will have raised a million dollars which Microsoft will double.”

By joining EduCom, he supports a board with a local and global presence, expertise, experience, and varied viewpoints. He can also continue his support in Africa.

In the six months since he joined, he has raised $20,000 and recruited board member Elorm Tetteh from Amazon to help maximize corporate philanthropic activities. Pradeep also encouraged Microsoft Ghana to supply school materials to students.

Pradeep brings clarity and a pragmatic direction to the Program Committee that allocates funds. “There are many great causes, but we need to stay focused on our mission to maximize our program implementation and impact,” said Pradeep. “Also, the success of current scholarship students helps make the program bigger.”

He also encourages networking with existing resources to widen EduCom’s reach and support. “Involving local NPOs and leveraging their network to identify potential students helps is to simplify and streamline EduCom’s work. Corporate supporters in Ghana help grant students’ supplies and offer endowments,” he added.

Pradeep believes EduCom can encourage the Ghana ex-pat community in North America and Europe to sponsor student’s education or contribute annually.

Many scholarship applicants’ essays indicated their plans to give back to their communities. Upon graduation, students can also sponsor a child to perpetuate the program’s impact.

He urges everyone – including his five-year-old twins — to recognize how they can help others and make a positive impact in the world by reflecting on how they want to be known and remembered. In Pradeep’s words, the keys to success are, “Never give up, work hard, and keep learning. Even if you are unsuccessful, that hard work and learning will never go to waste.”

Interview Conducted by: Hajra Mirza

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