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2022 EduCom Fundraiser Gala

Educational Communities Worldwide (EduCom.World)is excited to invite you to its first Fundraising Gala which will be held at Union Chapel, IN, USA.

A year ago, with the goal of funding qualified aspiring undergraduate students who are under resourced, underserved and are most likely going to put an end to their education after their secondary education, due to their poor socio-economic background; we made our Pilot Scholarship Program open to the public in Ghana and open to the public in Ghana and out of several applicants who had heartfelt stories on how hopeless they were about being able to afford furthering their education to the tertiary level, although they are willing, ready and qualified.

For instance, one of our scholarship beneficiaries, Richard Asare lost his father, a cocoa farmer in rural Ghana, who was the breadwinner of the family. The death of his father left him with a huge responsibility in taking care of the family and weighted hopelessness in furthering his education as a fresh high school graduate. He had to worry about the possibility of furthering his education to the university level as a step forward, towards achieving his career goal of becoming a Military Doctor, and was about giving up when we found him.

Michael Naab is also one of the scholarship beneficiaries who worked as a mini bus conductor to support his parents and to pay his school fees throughout his study years in high school. Michael groomed his passion to become a Medical Laboratory Scientist and joined St John Ambulance Club to work as a Volunteer. His family worried about his inability to further his education to the university level knowing that university education is more expensive compared to lower levels of education. While interviewing him, he expressed his feeling of hopelessness and how sad he and his family were for his goal to be cut short due to lack of resources needed to study further.

We are glad to have awarded fully funded scholarships to Richard Asare, Michael Naab, Fatima Basiru, and Christabel Osei throughout their study year in the University and provide them with resources needed, haven heard their stories and perceived their willingness and readiness to study further if given the opportunity.

Our goal is to change the stories of 32 more students from that of hopelessness to a joyful hope of them achieving their career goals, becoming a blessing to their family and the society at large.

Kindly Join us in changing the stories of other prospecting qualified but less privileged students who are limited due to lack of resources, by joining in person or virtual on 8th October 2022 at 6PM EST at Union Chapel United Methodist Church2720 East 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46240.

We’re expecting over 100 guests from all over the world to attend. We’re making the 2022 EduCom Gala more special than ever since this will be our first Gala.

There will be an auction display of arts and crafts from Ghana. All funds raised including but not limited to tickets purchased will go towards funding full-ride college scholarships for brilliant but needy students in Ghana, West Africa.

We'd love for you join us, enjoy this stunning location and celebrate 5 years of success in promoting quality education in Africa and beyond.

Also note that we are making it FREE for all students attending VIRTUALLY.

For those of you who cannot make it in person, please consider participating in our LIVE AUCTION:

For more visual information about the Gala, kindly watch our CEO's interview on FOX59:

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