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Dawn Moore joins our board

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Dawn Moore at a glance

Studied: MBA, Indiana Wesleyan University

Works as: Business Faculty Lead, Martin University

At EduCom: Board member, part of Strategic Planning committee

“When you get, give. When you learn, teach.” – Maya Angelou

A loving, close-knit family and a wonderful teacher inspired Dawn to always give her best, especially when helping people. “In a world that is constantly striving to achieve more, it is important to think about what I can do for others. What do I give back? And helping others can be as effortless as guiding someone to their best or connecting two people together.”

Helping can also unexpectedly become a source of receiving greater joy. Dawn took in a Thai exchange student to immerse her in American culture. It was an enriching experience for Dawn and her family – they not only grew to respect and admire the depth and beauty of a unique culture, but they also bonded with the student’s family as well – an affection cherished by both families till today.

Giving back to her community is always at the forefront of what Dawn does. She was president of the scholarship committee of her local Delta Sigma Theta chapter, organizing breast walks, partnering with March of Dimes and Wine to Water, and many other volunteer activities to raise funds for scholarships.

“I think it’s important that when you say you stand for something, or you’re a member of an organization, that you actually follow those missions and visions that really align with your personal values and morals.”

She is now chair of the international awareness and involvement program of her chapter. And EduCom was the perfect place for her to contribute her strengths to her passion for education and international involvement. She is part of its strategic planning committee, where her business management background and experience in developing and planning volunteer activities and programs will help guide EduCom’s mission and vision.

Dawn teaches retail management and business at Martin University. Her students find her classes fascinating as she brings alive the academics by recounting her experiences as a store manager with big-box retailers and connecting the topics to the realities of everyday business operations and management. She is also pursuing her PhD in Global Leadership – Organizational Management.

Interview by Hajra Mirza

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