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Joseph Hamelo Volunteers as EduCom’s CFO

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Joseph Hamelo at a glance

Studied: MS Accounting & Finance, Accra Business School

Works as: Senior Accounts Officer, MILVIK BIMA

At EduCom: Chief Financial Officer

“Dream big, start small.”

Joseph is the embodiment of today’s smart worker – learning new skills and information about his field and discovering savvier ways to accomplish tasks.

Learning quickly in his fast-paced workplace, and bringing a spirited attitude to his work, he took ownership of multiple projects immediately after getting on board, and delivered significant results, while pursuing his master’s degree. This earned him the employee of the year award in his division, recognition from his London headquarters, and special acknowledgement in their global finance newsletter. All this in his first year of joining.

Remarkably, this was during the roughest period of his life. He had just lost his father, the person he most admired and was battling to pay his university tuition. He pushed to see through what he had started, and his tenacity was rewarded – he got multiple promotions since joining the company, and also passed his masters with top grades.

Joseph keeps his father’s words alive – to live and work with integrity in a field rife with coercion and bribery. Be respectful to everyone you meet and help others.

He has been involved in volunteer activities since college; and having struggled to pay his own fees, he is invested in EduCom’s scholarship program’s success.

His big dream is to use his entrepreneurial bend to benefit people surviving on the streets. He would like to train them in handy skills and open businesses for them. These people can then help others like them, creating generations of skilled people.

In his downtime, Joseph loves listening to music and watching movies about real-life personalities, and is preparing for his CA.

Interview by Hajra Mirza

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