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Meet Our Board President – Christine Rose, ACC

Updated: Aug 26, 2022


EDUCATION: BS Business Administration, Georgetown University

At EduCom: President of the Board of Directors.

Works as: CEO and Executive Coach

Christine is an ICF-certified coach, author and speaker. She works with business leaders to transform their companies into innovative organizations by addressing the drivers that increase the value of the business. She helps CEOs and owners gain clarity and awareness of their personal and professional obstacles to growth, and guides them in developing strategies that accelerate their business, while allowing them to step back and enjoy a balanced life.


As president, Christine gives ethical direction to the organization and has worked with the CEO to transform a fledgling board into a dynamic and cohesive working entity that is principled, service-oriented and growth-driven. 

She is humbled and grateful to work with EduCom’s high caliber, highly engaged and motivated board members. She encourages them to improve and learn continuously to be more effective in their service to the organization. She has helped document the responsibilities of the various committees and their chairs and worked with the CEO and board members to formalize and establish systems and processes that support the functioning of the board and organization.

Christine keeps the board aligned with the organization’s mission and vision. She inspires the members to revisit the mission regularly to focus on work they are doing and ask themselves, “how can we accelerate growth to be of the greatest service to more people and engage the community to make the biggest impact?” to bring to life EduCom’s vision. 

She has worked with the fund development committee as they drafted a well-rounded fund development plan that follows Association of Fundraising Professionals’ ethical guidelines and best practices. The plan takes a grass-root approach to fundraising, by looking for support from individuals, government and private foundations and events.

One ongoing challenge lies in getting the word out, as EduCom is a relatively new organization still making its name. “We plan to have an easy and replicable model to connect with partners around the world.” Christine believes “joining the EduCom community is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to get engaged as either a volunteer on the board, or partner, or funding partner.” 


Christine’s dedication and sincerity are apparent when you meet her. She has volunteered with many charitable organizations in the past and currently serves on advisory boards for Attain Housing and Urban Business Support. Working with students holds a special place for her as she has seen first-hand the difference education makes in economic sustainability. “It gives me immense joy and satisfaction to see students benefit from education opportunities. I love being part of EduCom’s growth and being able to serve more people.” She is also a mentor to first-generation minority collegians at Palmer Scholars.

Christine does justice to her many commitments by managing her time effectively. “It is important to put boundaries around time and give priority to things that are important and urgent to save yourself from stress. Turn down things that go against your values. When you choose one thing, know that you will have to let go of another.” She finds her work deeply gratifying and fulfilling  as she curates her attention carefully. “Be aware of your limitations, evaluate if there’s a better way or a better person who can do the work and delegate whenever you can. We erroneously think we are the only ones who can do the work, and there is only one way to do it.”

“Our highest and best contributions come from a place of awareness,” so she advises everyone to “recognize what your emotions mean, and then choose what to do. Recognize that you are not alone, or the only one with a certain problem. Know that it’s okay to not have all the answers, and reach out to people to seek help.”

Christine is a voracious reader and an ardent learner. She continually applies what she learns, and her deep faith and the choice to live with integrity, humility, and authenticity have made her an influential figure wherever she goes. 

Interview Conducted by: Hajra Mirza

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