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Meet Our Finance Committee Chair- Godswill Mhlanga

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Godswill Mhlanga at a glance

Studied: CPA, CA, MBA, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

Works as: Director of Technical Accounting and Financial Reporting, Delek US Holdings

At EduCom: Chair, Finance Committee

As director of technical accounting, Godswill oversees SEC filing, IPO readiness and does technical accounting research – which includes evaluating if company contracts follow accounting guidelines, and recommending accounting conventions accordingly.

Prior to joining Delek, he worked in Botswana, South Africa, UK and US with the auditing firm EY for 14 years.

Godswill joined EduCom as its finance chair. He has established the budding nonprofit’s accounting systems and ensures it follows the best financial and reporting practices. He also maintains its budget and makes sure the organization is tax compliant. When needed, he joins other committees to guide them in their project finances.

Godswill also mentors high school and college students to navigate the finance and accounting field and make the right career choices.

Diversity, in its various shades, is in Godswill’s thoughts these days. “Beyond race and religion, people are diverse in their characters, temperaments, and opinions. Each person comes from a distinct background and has a unique skill set. It is for organizations to recognize the value in the atypical and utilize it to their advantage.”

Similarly, a child’s potential could be in a field not measured by academics. Society should identify and help the child develop this talent and find their calling. “A child could be a talented hairdresser, cutting and styling hair well. Even if he doesn’t excel academically, if trained properly, he could be a productive adult.”

He hopes EduCom can step in here and provide that support to students gifted in areas beyond academics. 

Another area young students in developing countries face a handicap in is information and technology. Most students, including Godswill himself, use a computer for the first time in college, if they are lucky enough to attend. He hopes EduCom can open virtual learning centers to help young students access computers and the internet at the same age as their better situated peers.

It would help students if they have a vision about their gifts. “Because,” Godswill shares, “a vision gives direction and purpose, and guides you how to use your gift to rise from your current situation. A goal will always drive you to move forward.”

Vision-wise, he believes Educom is in a solid place. “The organization is clear about its goals and the society it would like to see. As a growing organization, it is taking small steps, but the steps are impactful, and therefore gratifying to see.”

Interview Conducted by: Hajra Mirza

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