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Meet Our Programs Committee Chair- Dr. Ann Grey, Educator and Learner.


Studied: Ed.D., Higher Education, Alliant International University, San Francisco

Works as: Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Portland Community College

At EduCom: Program Committee Chair

“The beauty of being an educator is that it pays you to learn. A teacher is all about constantly learning and improving, not expertise.”

Dr. Anne is a professor of higher education. She researches the latest pedagogical approaches and trains professors and teachers to adapt them to their teaching. She also teaches faculty to be mindful of their students’ background and how to tailor their teaching and interactions accordingly. In her work as a college administrator, Dr. Anne develops policies to promote inclusion, diversity and equity in educational institutions. She was an early adopter of online teaching and develops and designs instructional course material. She has taught lecturers online, around the country and abroad. 

Her colleagues regard her for her ethical and pragmatic approach to instruction. Students recognize her sincerity and diligence to involve every one of them in learning and make it enjoyable for them. They seek her for her compassionate guidance and motivation.

She regularly volunteers in educational institutions and is currently learning Spanish to be a bridge between schools and parents of Latin-American students. These students can overcome systemic barriers and work harder when they believe someone is in their corner.

“I am a builder who brings people together and motivates them.”

Dr. Anne brings her experience as an educator to the Programs Committee at EduCom, of which she is the chair. She enjoys working with the board members who are committed to facilitating education and relates to and appreciates being a part of a group with great ideas and diverse perspectives who arrive at a consensus for a common cause.

Dr. Anne propounds that each program of EduCom aligns with certain guidelines and ethics. Though EduCom would like to pitch in many causes, “we need to identify gaps where we can step in.” The organization can find direction by taking on neglected issues where intervention can bring a big impact. Dr Anne advocates starting small, testing the result of our program, and then improving on it. “We can then implement this proven process on a larger scale.”

Every community work should be respectful of people’s abilities and mindful of local culture. “We are not stepping in as saviors, but enabling capable people on their paths. Every culture has its mores, which we should respect and shift our work to it accordingly.”

Dr. Anne would like to keep alive local knowledge, which gets shunted and is finally lost in favor of Western ideas. She would like to make indigenous knowledge a mainstream part of local education. “We must encourage cultures to build on their knowledge and wisdom passed down from generations, especially knowledge that is locally relevant.”

She works closely with the Funds Development team to tell them the Programs Committee needs. “Fundraising is essential for EduCom to ensure sustained implementation of its programs.” Using her experience as a professor of education, a program is in the pipeline to train teachers in Ghana in the latest developments in teaching. Another program Dr. Anne is looking at is internships for college students to make them more hirable in the job market.


Dr. Anne is alive to every moment and things around her. She uses every opportunity to learn, absorb, experience and grow. Every challenge and obstacle is an opportunity to fail and learn from. “Let’s try, let’s research and take action to see what happens. Then we can tweak and try again.” Her optimism and faith hold her in good stead when she faces her fears, “What is the most that can happen?” 

To every student, she advises them to develop skills, as the world is moving away from degrees and asking for a skill-set. So a degree can only take you so far. “What can you do beyond your degree, can you problem-solve, communicate, work in a team? Be ethical and socially conscious. Ask yourself, ‘How can I honor the gifts given to me? What value am I bringing to others around me?’ Have the mental agility to learn, admit when you are wrong, and be open to being convinced about new ideas.”

Interview Conducted by: Hajra Mirza

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